It's that time of year again! February 14th is coming quick, and that means Valentine's Day is just around the corner. We're lucky enough to be able to share gifts with others to commemorate our love and friendship , but there are many people, not only around America, but right here in the Tri-State Area, who cannot partake in these festivities with their loved ones. Why not enjoy a delicious cake with friends and family while helping less fortunate members of our community. The money that we raise will go towards various charities that aim to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate residents of Westchester County. Additional information on these charities can be found under the "Charities" tab of our website.

Carolina Stainfeld and Cecilia Liu getting ready to deliver cakes, Thanksgiving 2014

Visiting Centro Providencia Kids Club, Uruguay (from left: Carolina Stainfeld , Nico Stainfeld, Luis Arocha - Director Providencia, Nico and Jonathan from Providencia)

"The Scarsdale Inquirer" article
December 2013

Carolina and Katelyn baking for Thanksgiving 2014



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