Happy High Holidays and we hope you have had a great start to the school year!

First of all we would like to thank everyone who has helped us help others in the past seven years of Cakes 4 Cause. Due to the generous support of everyone who has bought cakes or donated money we have raised over $18,000! That’s over 1,500 cakes! 100% of the $12 for each cake goes directly to charities we select, since all our ingredients are generously donated by kind supporters like you!

We have continued to change over the last few months here at Cakes4Cause! Our board of directors is comprised of talented individuals, including Cameron Moser, Nico Stainfeld, Carolina Stainfeld, Harvey Mineard, Cecilia Liu and Katelyn McCarthy. We are also pleased to announce that we are currently working on forming a club at Scarsdale High School to further expand our group of supporters in order to help more people! To place an order go to the orders tab.

This year’s cake flavors are PUMPKIN, CHOCOLATE and HONEY. Cakes are $12 each and come nicely gift wrapped. Also, for every 10 cakes you buy you get one more cake for free as a “thank you”.

We are also excited to announce that we have added APPLE CINAMMON MUFFINS to our list of goods as well as GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE CAKES (by Alex Czarniak)!!

The Cakes4Cause Team: Carolina Stainfeld,Nico Stainfeld,Cameron Moser,Cecilia Liu, Harvey Mineard ,Katelyn McCarthy.

Carolina Stainfeld and Cecilia Liu getting ready to deliver cakes, Thanksgiving 2014

Visiting Centro Providencia Kids Club, Uruguay (from left: Carolina Stainfeld , Nico Stainfeld, Luis Arocha - Director Providencia, Nico and Jonathan from Providencia)

"The Scarsdale Inquirer" article
December 2013

Carolina and Katelyn baking for Thanksgiving 2014



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